Posted on October 27, 2015

Autumn Revelation

There are many advantages to being a 2D artist over a 3D artist. One of the major ones (that makes me jealous) is that there is really no limit to how complex your scenes/objects can be because you only have to draw one side of them. Setting up complex scenes in 3D requires a bit more work, but one advantage of 3D art is that once that work is done I am able to move my camera/lights around the scene and capture different views almost like Ansel Adams hiking through his own personal Yosemite.

That’s what I’ve done with “Autumn Revelation“. I’ve moved the camera closer to the shore and I’ve replaced the reddish tones in the atmosphere with blusish ones. I’ve also added some foreground mist and shorted the evergreen trees by half. I previewed my render to the folks in the Private Facebook Group and they almost unanimously demanded that it have a gallery spot of its own.

I hope you enjoy it! Multiscreen users check back in a day or so as I created this one (on my single-screen Bucephalus workstation) as a single-screen wallpaper first. Old habits die hard…

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A Sincere Pumpkin Patch” was my homage to Charles Schultz’s classic. Of course part of the magic of the “The Great Pumpkin” is that he exists only in Linus’ imagination. I thought it would be fun to render at least one “flight of fancy” that might have occured while he sat his vigil in the pumpkin-patch. Here is one such vision

The jack-o-lantern was modeled using Zbrush (though most of the details ended up getting glared out). The vines were modeled using e-on’s wonderful Plant Factory. Yes, I know it’s a little over-the-top but Halloween only comes once per year.

Not sure if I will add more “tricks of the imagination”. Let me know what you think!

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