Posted on June 17, 2015

Equip your diamond pick-axe because the DB Sandbox Challenge is here!

The past two Minecraft challenges were (IMO) huge successes. So much so that I thought I should make it a yearly event.

While first two contests focused primarily on Minecraft, I am opening it up this time to any sandbox game.

The rules are pretty simple…

Browse through my gallery, pick an image, and recreate it using your copy of Minecraft or ANY OTHER SANDBOX VIDEO GAME!

Compose and post a screenshot that looks as close to my original as possible.

Submit your entry using this form

DB visitors will pick the winners based on their image ratings.

IMPORTANT:If you are a DB Member you can choose any of 800+ my images as your subject. If you aren’t a Member I would ask that you choose from my free images.

The contest has always been Minecraft based in the past but this year I’d like to open it to up to other “sandbox” games. If enough people enter I would like to have prizes in multiple categories along with the grand overall winner.

Some other sandbox games and level editors…

Some Past Winners

Prizes (starting point: these are subject to change):

  • The Unobtainium Pickaxe

    The Grand Prize winner (chosen by my expert jury) will receive a Lifetime Membership to DB. I will also try to render something you built as a DB wallpaper (if possible) using my considerable tools and post it for the world.

  • The First Prize winner will receive a 1 year Membership to my gallery.
  • Honorable Mention will receive a 1 month Membership.

I am providing these prizes as a baseline but folks are free to donate more. Simply address a gift certificate to and include Sandbox Challenge in the comments.

Spread The Word!!

Encourage your favorite Minecraft YouTubers to enter and film their entries. Who’s really the best? Which game or platform is most suited to this sort of challenge?

Tweet #dbsandboxchallenge

Here are the prizes, rules and instructions on how to submit your entry.