Posted on June 8, 2015

I’ve added the night version of “Ring of Fire” to my new images page this morning. This one has been rendering on Bucephalus for almost 6 days now! Let me know how you think it turned out!

Going forward I think I am going to start doing preliminary renders at 1440p, post those and only render the 5K (or multi-5K) images when I am “certain” that the image is final. That should speed up things around here for most of you who do not yet use 4K/5K monitors.

I’m interested to hear what you think of this policy in the comments

In other news, my a la carte wallpaper system will now send your purchased images directly to your email. It should work a lot smoother now so give it a try if you aren’t a DB Member yet! Lastly, if you’ve been holding out on a DB Canvas then you will be pleased to know that Zazzle is offering 60% off for the next few days if you use the coupon code ZGREATESTDAD.

I used this opportunity to purchase the canvas print requested by my newest DB Patron Jeff Csillag!