Posted on May 28, 2015

I’ve added a multiscreen render of “Ring of Fire” to the gallery. This is how I initially composed the image before narrowing the camera angle for the single-screen version. This is backwards to how I used to compose my scenes (single-screen first and then widen the camera angle). I rendered the 15360 x 2880 multiscreen version on Shadowfax and rendered the 5120 x 2880 single-screen version on Bucephalus.

Last Call for Thank You Cards!

A year ago I had the idea to teach Ian and Jason a lesson about what their Dad does for a living. Every week they have been signing Thank You cards which we then send out to the folks who have supported my artwork through Memberships and Renewals.

Thousands of cards and signatures later I think the lesson has been learned and I will be ending the Thank You card program once the remaining ~200 Highland Spring cards have been sent out.

Check out this page if you want one sent to you, signed on the front by me and on the back by my family.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!!

I will be discontinuing the postcards but will still be a way to get signed artwork. Become a Digital Blasphemy Donor and I will send you a signed 4×6 print of your choice. Patrons receive a signed canvas or art print of their choice.