Posted on April 5, 2015

I’ve long been fascinated with the descriptions of the dragon’s eggs in the world of “The Song of Ice and Fire”. Most of the ones I’ve seen represented IRL have huge scales but the description from the text says they are tiny. I chalked this up to craftspeople maybe not having the ability to create tiny scales. This is not a problem that I have on my computer however.

I created this scene on my mobile workstation while Bucephalus worked rendering another project.

Happy Easter!!

PS: I’m hoping to have Shadowfax ready for duty by early this week!! Huge thanks again to everyone who supported the project. I will be shutting down the fundraiser site shortly.

I still have a good sized stack of Highland Spring thank you postcards (since I had to order 250 extra to get the amount I needed). These will go out to folks who sign up as a Patron, Donor or Sponsor here until they are gone!