Posted on March 24, 2015

Project Shadowfax is now underway!

I’ve ordered the following parts this morning…

The fundraiser was so successful that I’ve been able to purchase a 3rd machine (a Bucephalus clone) that will act as a third renderer! I will be calling this machine “Arion“.

My plan is to have three machines with each one hooked up to a 4K monitor on my desk. The actual machines will be in a room below me in my basement (keeping cool hopefully). Then I can just switch between them and work/render 3 projects at a time!

I will shut the fundraiser down when 48 hours elapse between donations. All funds that I’ve received beyond the initial goal will be used to update my software arsenal and generally help keep DB running for another year.

All support is appreciated but keep in mind that GoFundMe takes around 8% of your donation whereas if you give through my site directly I only pay around 3% 🙂

Lifetime Members looking to continue supporting my work can check out my homebrewed Patrons program or my new Patreon page.

Huge thank you again to everyone who helped with Project Shadowfax!! I will post pics here as the pieces start coming together.