Posted on July 14, 2014

Announcing the winners of the DB Minecraft Challenge 2014!

Grand Prize Winner: “Portals: A Perspective” by Tyler Hohnstein

Prize: Lifetime Membership and I will try to import and render his creation!

First Place: “Necropolis (Day)” by Karl Ashton

Prize: Lifetime Membership

Necropolis (Day)
Second Place: “Phaeralon (Day)” by Brian Jones

Prize: Lifetime Membership

Phaeralon (Day)
Third Place: “Endles Blue” by Phil Ridings

Prize: 1 Year Membership

Endless Blue
Fourth Place: “Amazed” by Michael North

Prize: 1 Year Membership

Gotham Garden Winter
Fifth Place: “Gotham Garden (Winter)” by Scott North

Prize: 1 Year Membership

Gotham Garden Winter
Sixth Place: “Memorial” by Joseph Barrett

Prize: 1 Year Membership

Honorable Mention: “Gazebo” by Brandon North

Prize: 1 Month Membership


Thank you so much to everyone who entered. There were so many wonderful entries this year!! I will be in contact with the winners shortly to deliver their gift certificates and coordinate with Tyler about how I could possibly import and render his creation.

I hope to have a contest every summer (as long as people are still playing Minecraft). If you didn’t win this year I hope you will keep entering!