Posted on September 3, 2013

Added an update to “Hivemind” in the Members Gallery this morning. I’ve done quite a bit of tweaking on this one over the past few days but this is my first render which I felt was an improvement over the first version (which will remain in the Pickle Jar).

I’m continuing here with the “techno-abstract” theme of “Automata” and “Waveform” here. Lightwave 11’s new instancing system opens up a lot of possibilities!

See also Latticework and The Comb.

I’ve also added
a blacked-out version of “Sunburst Daisy” in the same vein as “Dark Fluorescence“. What other pieces do you think would benefit from being blacked out?

Lastly I wanted to announce my first ever Referral Program. Earn between $1 – $5 for every Member you send me!

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