Posted on August 15, 2013

Asfaloth has been busy rendering the multiscreen version of “Cave of Arches” for the past few days and I have another new project rendering on Bucephalus. Fortunately my old Macbook Pro is back in the mix with a new logic board from the nice folks at the Apple Store so I can still do a little bit of art!

Waveform” is my first project built and rendered on the rebuilt MBP (which I have decided to name “Silver”). The geometry was modeled using Structure Synth (the same program I used for “Synthestructure“) and the scene was rendered using Lightwave 11.6.

This piece follows the same “techno-abstract” theme that spawned “Automata“. This piece is a little less complicated though. I hope you like it!!


Here is the multiscreen version of “Cave of Arches” for my dual and triple-screen users. I hope you enjoy it!!