Posted on July 22, 2013

Cave of ArchesI’ve added a 4th version of “Cave of Arches” to the Members Gallery, with the focus on improving the foreground. I’ve added some trees, mushrooms, and other some other flora. I’ve also added some light action on the foreground water.

As I mentioned last time, my “Returning Member” discount has been finally discontinued. Members can still renew their current Memberships at the same discounted rates, but if you let it expire you will need to sign up as a new member.

I’ve also added a poster version of “Elegy (Winter Day)” to my Zazzle collection (by request). Here’s a huge “premium canvas” version also if anyone is interested.

I created a brand new 7680 x 4800 render (109 hours on Asfaloth!) just for this print. For the new render I corrected some of the colors in the foreground branches and I will be replacing the version in my gallery with this new one shortly. Download it now if you want to keep this version!