Posted on July 17, 2013

Former Members: I just wanted to let you all know at my “Returning Member” discount will be discontinued as of midnight Friday 7/19/13.

If you are former Member and would like to take advantage of the $10 off discount you can still do so here. Just check the box and the discount will be applied to all yearly and above Memberships.

The discount works on the honor system so you need not enter the email address you used before.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Cave of ArchesIn happier news…fortune has smiled upon me and allowed me to reopen the scene file for “Cave of Arches”! I was able to work on it yesterday and rendered a new version overnight.

I’ve added some new vegetation and changed up the lighting a little bit. There are some other tweaks that I will leave for you to discover.

I’m not sure how happy I am with all of the changes (see my incomplete first draft in the Pickle Jar) so there may yet be one more render before I move on to the multiscreen.

Let me know what you think!