Posted on July 9, 2013

In addition to the dual and triple screen version of “Starburst” (thanks to Scott Rose for suggesting the new name!) there are a few of Pickle Jar renders that I wanted to highlight.

Cave of ArchesBack in November I started a scene using a brand new beta version of Vue d’Esprit. The scene was coming along nicely and I was able to produce one test render, but it crashed after that and I was not able to reopen my scene file.

I had originally thought to put this render in the Pickle Jar (for lack of a better place) but my Members liked it so much that I’ve given it a place in my gallery. Maybe someday I will be able to reopen the file or have the energy to recreate the scene somehow.

Hope you like it regardless!

Axiomatic (No Glow)I’ve also added two “new” renders of “Axiomatic” produced without the bright center glow.

I created these for an update of “Mystic Halo” that is in the works.