Posted on July 1, 2013

Digital Blasphemy All-Media Art Contest!

Here is the current front-runner in the DB “All-Media” Art Contest. Kathy Newman wrote…

“I painted four of your pics on a block of wood. I hope this isn’t too far down the limb from hi tech… But I haven’t been inspired to paint lately and your any media contest sparked my creativity up. “

The original renders are…Fluorescence (Bloom),Reverie, ,Tropic of Cancer, and First Moonlight.

You might be able to pick up your own woodblock painting in the future so stay tuned…


A couple of items to report today.

First, I have added my “final” version of “Starfall” to the Members Gallery this morning. Dual and triple-screen versions are now available as well!

The changes are pretty subtle. I gave the couple a blanket to sit on but decided against adding the wine. I will leave the rest for you to discover.

The original version will remain in the Pickle Jar. I hope you enjoy the update. Be looking for the multiscreen soon!

I also wanted to announce a new art contest!

As with the Minecraft Contest, the object is to recreate one of my images. This time you can use whatever means you like.

The top 7 entries will recieve Digital Blasphemy Gift Certificates (1st place is a 1-yr Membership, the other 6 are 1-month). I will choose one Grand Prize winner who will receive a Lifetime Membership Gift Certificate. The contest is open to all media and the deadline for entries is 7/5/13. I will announce the winners 7/7/13.