Posted on June 12, 2013

AsunderI’ve added my “final” version of “Asunder” to the Members Gallery tonight.

The Member who didn’t approve of my reusing objects from previous projects is probably really going to hate this last update. I think this particular object fits rather well here however.

This particular render took over 115 hours to render at 4096 x 2560 (4K). While it was cooking on Bucephalus I zoomed in on the little easter egg I had added on Asfaloth to render an interesting Pickle Jar version.

The main render actually finished a few days ago but Vue d’Esprit’s “Glow” pass is only single-threaded for some reason. It took forever to process but I like the results. I might fake it for the multiscreen though…

Please help judge the entries in my Minecraft Contest here!. Winners will be announced by 6/16!