Posted on June 6, 2013

Minecraft Contest

Temple of the Leaf recreated in Minecraft by Ian Bliss

Recreate one of my scenes in Minecraft. Take a screenshot (F2 on a PC) which matches the camera from my wallpaper and email it to me. You can also post it on my Facebook page if that is easier for you. Special points will be awarded by me if you can build it to scale…

The contest will run until next Friday. Minecraft only (mods and texture packs allowed, but no renders).

If you use mods or texturepacks please include them in your description. My kids may ask to play in your map after the contest is over so I may contact you about that… I will post my favorites here and on my Facebook page. The one with the most likes will receive a DB 1-year Gift Certificate and up to 4 runners-up will receive 1 month gift certificates.

One Grand Prize winner will receive a Lifetime Membership gift certificate. This award will be chosen by my son Ian. I saw this contest as a way of showing him the connections between my work and his game and it has succeeded beautifully so far.

Pictured Above: A version of “Temple of the Leaf” that my boys have been working on…

Redditors: Please upvote my contest notification on Reddit! Try the coupon code “redditor” when you sign up for a bonus…

Would you like to fund a contest?:

Simply purchase the prizes as Gift Certificates and address them to [email protected] Include any instructions you would like (and if you would like to remain anonymous or not).