Posted on April 7, 2013

Sticking with the “minimalist” theme, I have added “Arrakeen” to the Members Gallery this afternoon. Dual and triple-screen versions are also available.

This piece was inspired by one of my all-time favorite novels: Frank Herbert’s “Dune“. I realize it is a bit dark in spots, but I wanted a good deal of shadow between the desert and the Shield Wall.

I still have the hard-back copy of “Dune” that to my Mom gave me for Christmas way back in 1984 and I try to read it every few years. The movie was ok but no adaptation will ever compare to the sights I conjured in my mind while reading it all those years ago.

I recall that it was the first work of art that inspired me to be creative and I started writing my own stories around that time. Creative writing was my primary outlet, in fact, until the mid 90s when my Mom (again) gave me a computer on which to compose my first novel. Things took a different turn after that…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my simple homage to one of my favorite works of art.