Posted on March 17, 2013

Singularity RisingA number of folks seemed perplexed by the planets that I added to my 2013 “Singularity” update. The original did fine without them of course, but I added them to this scene because I wanted to try a “from the ground” render.

This is where I render a space scene using Lightwave (or Vue) and then use it as a sky object in a Vue scene.

That render took Vue a little longer than I had anticipated (84 hrs!) but it is complete and now available to my Members. I’m calling this one “Singularity Rising” (for now) bit that may change as I make some revisions.

I hope the issues that were pointed out for “Singularity” are minimized (or at least partially explained) in this planetary render. Perhaps I will go back and render a version without the planets?