Posted on December 14, 2012

At World's Edge (Christmas) -- Updated 12/14/12Vue 11’s new “360 Ecosystems” (populating instances on all sides of an object, rather than just the “top”) opens the door to a lot of interesting effects, but the first one that came to my mind was Christmas lights. After bedecking “Sleepwalker Wood” and “Gotham Garden” the next scene that cried out to me was “At World’s Edge”.

I hope you enjoy it!!

I have also added a version with white-lights to the Pickle Jar. Let me know which version you guys prefer (by leaving a rating) and I will feature that one in the gallery.

I also wanted to mention that my friends at Zimnix has produced a free Android Live Wallpaper (with blinking lights and snowfall!) based on my “Sleepwalker Wood” wallpaper.

Please leave a review if you enjoy it!!