Posted on September 20, 2012

Tharsis -- Added 09/20/12

I’ve added “Tharsis” to the Members Gallery this morning. I recently came across an article about how sunsets on Mars have a blue tinge and was inspired to try it myself. Anyone have a model of the Curiosity Rover they would care to share…

I developed and rendered this one on Asfaloth while trying to render the “Sierra” multiscreen on Bucephalus.

This is the 4th wallpaper I have created since July using the mobile workstation (Cytokinsesis, Arboreal, and Mistveil Mountain are the others).

Also:Members can now download images sized at 720 x 1280 (to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3) and at 640 x 1136 (to fit the new iPhone 5).

I’ve also added images sized at 1252 x 626 which my Members can use to take advantage of Twitter‘s new “Header Photo” feature.

Zip files of these collections (I added over 300 files of each size) can be found here.