Posted on September 17, 2012

I made a little video showing off how the “Mystic Halo” Live Wallpaper looks on my new Nexus 7 (my first ever Android device).

I am a long-time iOS user and I have been very impressed with the degree of customization available with the Android OS!

This Live Wallpaper is based on “Circular Logic” from 2004.

The free version of the Live Wallpaper is available on Google Play here.

The version shown in the video is available (for $0.99) here.

Don’t be surprised to see a few more DB themed Live Wallpapers pop up in the app store in the weeks/months ahead. Android really seems like the best way to take DB “mobile”.

Sorry for the audio in my recording btw. It may be difficult to hear me over the sound of Bucephalus roaring the background.

Status Update: I am currently working on rendering the Sierra multiscreen on Bucephalus. Sierra is a rather complex scene and the render has crashed more than once over the past week. I think it is still at least a couple of days from finishing.

I created a new seasonal wallpaper last week using Asfaloth, but the subject matter is better saved for later in the year (sneak-peek here if you don’t mind spoilers).

I am going to try to have my collection of 640 x 1136 images uploaded soon for the new iPhone 5.

I have a new scene going on Asfaloth now (that multiscreen is taking forever!). This one was inspired by a sunset photo I saw recently in the news…