Posted on June 11, 2012

Building Blocks -- Updated 06/07/12A few items to report today.

First, I have added a few Pickle Jar versions of “Building Blocks” afternoon. They are my early attempts at “hybrid” mandelbulbs.

You may notice that I’ve moved the Pickle Jar images up the preview page (above the download links) so they should now be more visible.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve been working this afternoon on streamlining my mobile site. Have a look and let me know if anything strange on your device. The mobile site is essentially a stripped down version of DB formatted to look nice on smartphones and tablets. Some folks have mentioned that they like the “basic” nature of it even better than my full site.

Lastly, I think that maybe I was a bit hasty when I decided to never again offer a coupon special. So many folks have been asking about “the next special” that I may need to reconsider.

I am going to try offering specials again from time to time but only to my Members for renewals. My military, education, and returning Member discounts still apply for non-Members.

Members interested in adding time at a discount can now save 25% off until midnight 6/14 by using the coupon code “summertime”.