Posted on April 24, 2012

Synthestructure II -- Updated 04/24/12I’ve added “Synthestructure II” to the Members Gallery this morning. A number of you saw the first version and remarked on how it metallic it looked. I took this theme and ran with it for the second version.

I’ve zoomed in a bit (to better accommodate the future multiscreen version) and inserted some little “filigree” items for contrast.

I hope you find it an improvement.

The new tropical render will be posted just as soon as it finishes rendering. I’m not sure if it is a Vue 11 bug or not, but this render is taking far longer to complete at 3277 x 2048 than my preview renders had lead me to estimate.

Did I mention that I was looking at building a new renderer? As soon as the right memory becomes available I will be building a companion machine for Bucephalus so I can keep designing while these “epic renders” complete uninterrupted. Hopefully the GTX 480 survived the short out that took down my “Hydra” workstation in Jan so I won’t have to purchase a new video card.

Lastly I wanted to mention that those of you on Pinterest can follow my latest artwork here. Happy Pinning!