Posted on April 11, 2012

Just a heads up for everyone who has been waiting for a good Zazzle coupon to pick up a poster or two. All posters are 50% off today if you use the code “SPRINGPOSTER” at checkout. I picked up a 48″ copy of “Portals” this morning…

T-shirts and mugs are 25% off with the same coupon.

My new render is taking a bit longer to process than had hoped but it is making progress. I would love to be making final revisions on “Windflower” in the meantime but unfortunately since my “Hydra” workstation went down in January I haven’t had a machine capable of handling some of the denser scenes that I’ve created on Bucephalus.

Here’s a look at my hardware wishlist that you can keep in mind when you are deciding whether to purchase or renew your Membership.

If I could build Bucephalus II (need to come up with a better name) plus add a decent mobile workstation then I could work on 2 or 3 “HD” projects at a time. I would also like to add another couple of 30″ monitors to Bucephalus so I can finally test rive my multiscreen renders before posting them.

I know a lot of folks would suggest that I outsource my rendering the cloud somehow. That might work if I wasn’t stuck on a slow rural DSL connection. I can barely upload PNGs to my web server so it would take days to upload my 2GB scenes files. Someday though…

If you do decide to join, please check out the little boxes provided for adding a small amount to my general hardware fund. Every little bit helps!