Posted on March 8, 2012

Red Sky At Morning -- Updated 03/08/12I’ve added “Red Sky At Morning” to my Members Gallery today. I’ve always been fascinated by how sunlight from below the horizon and that is the general theme I am working with here. Other examples of this include “Afterglow” and “Extrasolar“. I probably could have added more in the foreground here but I really wanted it to be mostly about the sky.

Starting the multiscreen now and hope to have it up shortly. Thanks to everyone who signed up or renewed over the past few days as I offered my final coupon code!

If you missed the sale there is still a way to get 25% off your Membership or Renewal. Purchase yourself a copy of ChronoWall and you will receive a coupon code that will work on my site! ChronoWall really compliments my artwork and I recommend everyone give it a spin!

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PS: I hope to start adding images sized for the new iPad (2048 x 2048) sometime next week. Anyone planning on picking one up?