Posted on February 16, 2012

The Floating Garden (Twilight) -- Updated 02/16/12
I’ve added one final version of “The Floating Garden (Twilight)” to the Members Gallery this morning.

I’ve replaced the orange sunlight with moonlight and brought back the green water. It’s quite a bit darker than the Pickle Jar versions (all with orange/pink sunlight) but I think it fits better with the original.

Dual and triple-screen versions are available for Members and I’ve added a free version for Facebook Timelines here.

A couple of other items to mention.

First, I’ve added “Hidden Forces” to the Free Gallery. If you like the wallpaper check out the dynamic PS3 theme from Disruptive Publishers (YouTube).

My Dad's ArtworkAlso, I have put together a small sampling of my late Father’s artwork here if anyone is interested.

Dad went to Illinois Weslyan University on a football scholarship but injured his knee early in his freshman year. He never played college football again but while he was recovering he took up painting.

I’m not sure if he ever took any art classes, but he enjoyed being creative until the end.