Posted on February 7, 2012

Me and my Dad ~1978
It has been a very difficult past week for me and my family but having all of these great pictures of my Dad really helps.

A lot of people thought (and still think) that I was crazy to move my family from sunny San Diego back to farm country. It seemed like an easy decision at the time because I was infected by the joy my parents shared at the arrival of my son Ian.

As I wrote on this page back in 09/2004: “Those of you who live in the Midwest may think that I have gone crazy. We are giving up the best weather in the country and moving back to blizzards, ice storms, and sub-zero temps (and the opposite extremes of heat and humidity). It does feel a little crazy, but Jessie and I have decided that it is more important that Ian grow up with an extended family who loves him.

I’ve been looking over the photos of my Dad and two boys over the past 7 years and I still think we did the right thing in moving back to Illinois. I am happy that I got to reconnect with my Dad but I don’t know if that makes his passing easier or harder. All I know is that I will miss him dearly and I am glad he was a big part of my life these past 8 years.

Be on the lookout for a possible “sunset” version of “The Floating Garden” in the days ahead. I am really looking forward to making new artwork.