Posted on January 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in Lifehacker’s “Top 5 Wallpaper Sites” poll! The poll closed late last night with DB leading Wallbase by 544 votes. You are now reading the web’s “Most Popular Wallpaper Site“, according to the readers of Lifehacker.

It’s pretty amazing that a site with only 12 free wallpapers and a creaky interface can win out over over ones with the latest designs and millions of free files.

As a token of my appreciation please enjoy “The Fisherman”, my first release from 2011 in the Free Gallery. If you would like to become a Member then please use the coupon code “lifehacker” to save 25% off all Memberships and Renewals until midnight tomorrow!

As a show of support my friends at DecalGirl are offering 38% (my the percentage of the vote) off my entire skin collection. Use coupon code “LIFEHACKER” to get the discount.

Thanks again for all the support!