Posted on January 6, 2012

Archaea -- Updated 01/06/12One more addition the Members Gallery before the weekend. “Archea” is a Mandelbulber experiment I started on my Macbook Pro while I waited for my other machines to finish their renders.

I own a MacBook Pro which I use for “light work” while my main machines are rendering. I really should have picked up a Windows notebook, because I have all kinds of problems running Vue and Lightwave through Boot Camp. It crashes constantly!

The problem is with the mobile Nvidia 3D card, but since I am one of maybe a handful of people trying do 3D work in Windows on a MacBook there aren’t many resources available to fix the problem.

One program that does work is Mandelbulber. I created this fractal while my main machines were busy with “The Gardener” and “Gotham Garden (Winter)“. I “finished” it and rendered at 7680 x 4800 on Bucephalus.

The term “Archaea” refers to a group of single-celled organisms similar to bacteria. They don’t really look like this (that I know of) but I liked the name. It’s not easy naming these abstracts.

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out my free Facebook Cover Images.