Posted on January 4, 2012

I’ve added dual and triple-screen renders of “The Gardener (2012)” to the Members Gallery this afternoon.

The astronomically observant will notice that I’ve removed the glow around the planet for this version. The single-monitor version will be updated soon. Hope you enjoy it!

I should also have the multiscreen version of “Gotham Garden (Winter)” finished shortly.

I also wanted to mention that I have added 248 images sized 850 x 315 to be used as Facebook “Timeline” cover images. You can check out an example at my own personal profile page.

These images are free for everyone to download and use. I haven’t slapped a huge watermark on them (as I’ve seen on just about every other downloadable Timeline image) but I would certainly love it if you would include a link to DB ( is fine) with the image.

As I said, they are free for all to download (look under the 850 x 315 image links under “Free Mobile Wallpapers” on my image pages). Members do have access to a zip file collection containing all 248 files here.