Posted on January 1, 2012

The Gardener -- Updated 01/01/12Happy 2012 everyone! I added “The Gardener (2012)” to the Members Gallery this morning. This was either going to be my last project of 2011 or my first of 2012.

It continues themes that I first explored with “The Gardener” in 2000 and 2002 and “Atrium” in 2004.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also wanted to report a bit of a setback in the hardware department. My Hydra workstation (pictured on the right here), which had been my main renderer from 2006 to April of last year, bit the bullet hard last week when the motherboard shorted out. I’m trying to decide right now whether to try salvage the system with a new MB (and potentially dodgy memory/components) or put together an all-new alternate renderer.

Regardless, your Memberships and Renewals are needed more than ever. Thanks!!

PS: Hoping to have the “Gotham Garden (Winter)” multiscreen finished within a day or two!