Posted on November 14, 2011

Octopus's Garden (2011) -- Updated 11/14/11 -- Updated 10/30/11 I spent the weekend rebuilding my broken “Neptune’s Garden” scene and have posted the updated render in the Members Gallery this morning.

The first change you will notice is the new title. “An Octopus’s Garden” is, of course, borrowed from one of my favorite Beatles songs. It was the title I had in mind when I started the project but my original scene file was corrupted before I had the chance to add much in the way of sea life. Instead I chose a temporary title for the first version (which will remain in the Pickle Jar).

The sun angle is a bit different in this version so there are more shadows. I’ve also tried to vary up the corals in the foreground. There are also quite a few more fish this time around. Maybe too many?

I hope you like the changes!