Posted on September 6, 2011

Elegy -- Updated 09/06/11 Back in August a Member (thanks Manu!) sent me a link to a photo on National Geographic’s website which reminded him of my “Autumnwood” wallpaper. I thought it would be a fun project to make my own version of the scene and this is the result. Now, it isn’t a complete copy. I didn’t have the photo open in another window while I was working on it, but it was definitely inspired by the NatGeo photo however.

I call this one “Elegy” as it has a bit of a mournful feel to it. Truth be told it took me a few hours to think of a decent title. I didn’t want to explicitly remake “Autumnwood” because I think that series still stands pretty well on its own. Don’t be surprised, however, to see a few seasonal variations of this one.

Please click through to the higher resolution version as the thumbnails don’t really represent this one very well. I hope you enjoy it!

PS: Here’s a print version on Zazzle (rendered a 5600 x 4500) if you want to place an order while their 50% off sale is going. Use coupon code “DECKYOURWALL” to get the discount.