Posted on August 11, 2011

Cosmic Shoals -- Updated 08/11/11I’ve added an update to 2003’sCosmic Shoals” this afternoon. I didn’t really set out to do an update when I started this project. Rather I set out to model a globular cluster (and some of that is still in the image) but the story “grew in the telling”.

Jessie told me this one reminded her of some of my earlier work, and I tend to think this is because of the lack of any vegetation or the other objects I tend to scatter around using Vue’s ecosystems. I did try adding some “alien flora” here and there but nothing really seemed to look right (given the scale of the scene). I may yet play around with that but I thought it looked nice enough to share as is. Hope you enjoy it!

One more note. There’s only one more week until my kids start school (Jason in Kindergarten!). I will miss them bursting in every 30 minutes wanting to play, but I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet. To celebrate I am offering 25% off all Memberships and Renewals until midnight 8/15. Use coupon code “BACKTOSCHOOL” to get the discount.