Posted on June 20, 2011

Proto Dødenfell -- Updated 06/20/11I’ve added a few renders to the gallery this afternoon. Three are for Members and one freebie.

First, there’s a very earlier “proto” version of “Dødenfell“. I was really just playing around with Vue 9.5’s new clouds here when I discovered that it would finally be possible to answer all of those requests for volcanic lightning.

I think it is a pretty neat render on it’s own, though probably not deserving of a full slot in my main gallery. I did want my Members to get a chance to download it though.

Riverbend -- Updated 06/20/11
Next up is the dual and triple-screen versions of “Riverbend“. This one was not easy to adapt so I hope it looks ok.

Interopposite -- Updated 06/13/11
I have also updated the dual and triple-screen versions of “Interopposite“. I scaled the depth-of-field effect way back from the original multiscreen so this one should look a lot less blurry. I’ve overwritten the original files with this new version so be sure to keep the files you downloaded if you like the first version.

ColorwheelLastly, I have added one of my favorite abstracts to the Free Gallery. It’s called “Colorwheel” and I hope you all enjoy it!