Posted on June 3, 2011

Dødenfell -- Updated 06/03/11I’ve posted a new version of “Night on Eldritch Mountain” in the Members Gallery this afternoon. Probably the most obvious change will be the new title. I have changed it to “Dødenfell“. Why you ask?

Tueday night, I showed the project to my son Ian and asked him what I should call it. I’d been struggling with a title for the past couple of days and was ready for some fresh ideas. They don’t get any fresher than from a 7 year old. He immediately said “Death Mountain” and even drew a nice picture of his own to illustrate the concept which I posted on my Facebook page as a teaser on Wednesday.

“Death Mountain”, while cool, has “Zelda” connotations that I do not wish to evoke here.

After sleeping on it last night I have settled on the title “Dødenfell”, which is a mangling of the Norwegian “Døden Fjell” (“Death Mountain”).

Ian’s drawing also gave me the idea to set a few fires along the shoreline. It turned out to be the only way to get reflected light in the water from the angle.

Hope you like the changes! The version I posted yesterday can still be found in the Pickle Jar!