Posted on May 8, 2011

Riverbend -- 05/08/11Happy Mother’s Day! Just wanted to mention a few items this morning before getting back to Jessie’s foot massage.

First, a couple of Members have kindly donated Lifetime Memberships to give away to deserving Moms via my Facebook Page. I have added a couple of yearly Memberships so we can have a proper contest. All you need to do to enter is share a story about your Mom (or your own Motherhood experience). The entries with the most “Likes” will be awarded the Memberships (so please help me judge them!). The first was awarded this morning to Katie Duchscherer.

Second, if you are interested in helping me pull the trigger on my new workstation then I hope you will take advatange of my Mother’s Day Sale (25% off all Memberships and Renewals with coupon code LOVEYOUMOM).

Last, but far from least, I have added a new render to the gallery this morning. I call it Riverbend and it is probably about 75% complete. The sunbeams need to be toned down a bit (to differentiate the piece from another in my gallery). Hope you enjoy it! Now back to those feet…