Posted on April 18, 2011

Ostereier (Happy Easter!) -- Added 04/17/11Happy Monday everyone! A few items to report this morning. First, with Easter fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to feature my one and only Easter wallpaper in the free gallery. I call it “Ostereier” (a German word) and it turned out so well I haven’t made another Easter pic for the past 8 years (not the real reason).

If you enjoy it please have a look at a few Zazzle products I put together here.

Members: I’ve tweaked my gift certificates a bit to reward you for sharing my work. I have added a $10 1-month gift certificate and I will now add time to your Membership for every gift purchased.

I will add 30 days for every 1-month, 90 days for every 1-year and a whole year for every Lifetime gift. Gift certificates are discounted when you purchase more than one. Just be sure you log in before you use the form so my system recognizes your username.

Lastly, both my machines are hard at work rendering my updated “Tropic of Thetis (Nightfall) and “Dolmen”. I hope to have both up very soon. Stay tuned!