Posted on March 31, 2011

Just wanted to mention a little sale going on over at DecalGirl. For the past year or so I’ve partnered with them to offer my work as precut “Skins” for the most popular devices (including the Kindle ,iPad, and even the PS3).

If you don’t see the design you like in the product gallery you can simply pick one of my base designs (I added 10 new ones yesterday!) and create a custom skin for any just about any device under the Sun.

As for the sale, DecalGirl is offering a 15% discount on any skin featuring my work (mine only) until Midnight Eastern tonight. Just use coupon code DB15OFF when you check out with them.

Why just my work? Funny you should ask. DecalGirl runs a very active Facebook page and is accumulating fans quickly because they are always having cool contests and promotions. One of these is an “Artist’s Sale” where they ask people to post their favorite DecalGirl Artist and then discount the most popular.

I’ve seen a few of these come and go and always thought it would be nice to win one. Really though, a lot of the other artist’s work just blows me away and I can see why more people vote for them. Vladstudio‘s “Library” Skin for Kindle is about as perfect (not-to-mention ironic) a design as you can get for the ereader.

Still, I wanted to get the coupon not only for you guys but for the other DecalGirl customers who haven’t heard of my work yet. When DecalGirl announced their most recent Artist’s Sale and I saw a few votes for me pop up in the early going, I decided to juice things a bit by asking my Facebook/Twitter followers to vote for me. As you can see in the original thread, it went pretty well.

It was pretty underhanded of me though and I promise not to do make a habit out of asking for things like this.

As promised when I asked for the votes, I am offering the same 15% discount on my Memberships and Renewals (including Lifetime) while the DecalGirl coupon was active. Feel free to use the coupon code DB15OFF to get the discount on my signup/renewal pages.

I had new versions of “Tropic of Thetis” and “Dolmen” rendering right now and I hope to have them up shortly. I also have a special render dedicated to one of my family’s favorite video games. Stay tuned. . .