Posted on March 10, 2011

Corona (2010)

I’ve added “Corona” to the Free Gallery this morning, replacing “Canopy Creek (Autumn)”.

I’ve also added “Facebook Comment” boxes to the free gallery images (on a trial basis). This means if you are currently logged into your Facebook account you will be able to leave comments “as yourself” on my free image pages. Seems like a great way to hear from as many people as possible without having to deal with anonymous posters.

This is on a trial-basis only and comments on the Member images (including works-in-progress) will still be recorded the usual way. Now if I can only figure out how to get the link to go straight to the comments (below the download).

A number of you have made donations to help me finance the workstation upgrade I mentioned on 3/3. Thank you!!

I’ve set up a page from which you can make a donation if you like or keep track of how much is donated so far ($14035.97 since 3/3!).

Donations are completely optional (I would much rather you purchase a Membership or renewal) but I thought I would put up a form for the Lifetime members or folks who would like to help out without becoming a Member.

Thanks and I will post here when I’ve narrowed my hardware options further!