Posted on February 9, 2011

Inner Workings -- Updated 02/07/11
A few items to mention today. First, Members can now the new dual and triple-screen renders of “Inner Workings” Rather than simply widen the frame on the single-screen scene (as I almost always do for my multiscreen renders), I’ve chosen instead to zoom in tight and let the “central object” fill the entire frame. I hope it was worth the wait.

Second I wanted to mention an awesome bargain that came across my inbox yesterday. The good folks over at Project Messiah are offering their $499 3D animation software for only $10 (or the $1199 pro version for $40). The catch is the you only get your license if enough people take advantage of the offer (otherwise your purchase if refunded). Here’s the link and please share it with your friends who might be interested in trying out 3D rendering!

Lastly, my new wallpaper is progressing nicely and, while I don’t have an ETA, I have a feeling people will enjoy it. I definintely haven’t done a project like this for a long time.