Posted on January 26, 2011

Inner Workings -- Updated 01/26/10

I recently upgraded my Lightwave software to the latest version (10) and for my first project back I thought I would explore some of the new features. My favorite so far is the new “VPR” interface which finally makes it possible to work with Hypervoxels.

My latest addition to the Members Gallery, “Inner Workings“, uses Hypervoxels (no polygons) to depict processes taking place on the tiniest of scales. I’ve always been just as fascinated with “inner space” as I am with “outer space” and this render is another exploration in that realm. I’ve classified this one an abstract so I would love to hear what you think it is!

Anyway, I know it’s a little weird but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Definitely view it at the highest resolution possible because there are some details that might not be visible at the lower res.