Posted on January 4, 2011

The Fisherman -- Updated 01/04/10It’s hard to for me to believe that DB is entering its 15th year online. I uploaded my first images in early 1997 and never imagined that I would be still be uploading them so many years later. It would not have been possible without the thousands of people over the years who have supported my work. Thank you all!

On the subject of posting images: I’ve added “The Fisherman” (#692) to the gallery this morning. If you’ve followed my work for the past few years you know that I like to follow up my holiday wallpapers with something warm and tropical. Think of it as a little New Year’s vacation for your desktop. My love of winter ebbs considerably after the holidays. . .

I hope you enjoy “The Fisherman“. It went through a rather convoluted creation process so there should be a few Pickles to post later on. Next up: The multiscreens.