Posted on December 12, 2010

Magi -- Updated 12/02/10I added “Magi” to the Members Gallery this morning. I try to do at least one Christmas wallpaper a year. It’s been a tradition since I first started DB. After depicting mostly secular icons for many years I felt inspired this time to explore the Christian aspects of the holiday.

I was at Ian’s school “Holiday” concert recently and was disappointed that many of the songs I sang as a child (O’ Holy Night, Silent Night, The First Noel, etc) were no where to be found. I’d never heard (and didn’t like) most of the ones they chose.

I think whether you are a believer or not there are a lot of beautiful songs, art, and traditions to be found in the Mass of Christ. It’s a shame to ignore them just because they are part of a religious faith. I, for example, don’t worship Zeus but still feel “The Odyssey” is one of the best stories ever…

Anyway, the tale of the Magi always captured my imagination as a child and I hope you enjoy my depiction. Merry Christmas one and all!