Posted on October 1, 2010

A few items to report today. First, I’ve added the dual and triple-screen versions of “Quartet” to the gallery. In the end I went with the arches scene (even though I couldn’t get all the arches into the render). I think I will use the balcony version (in the Pickle Jar) as the basis for a different scene.

Speaking of multi-screens, professional WoW player and YouTuber John Pyle (aka “Swifty”) signed up as a Member last week and asked if it would be okay to feature my wallpapers in his gaming videos. I normally wouldn’t mention this sort of thing here, but his triple-head Eyefinity system is a sight to behold. Here’s the first video featuring my work. Now I need to get a couple more monitors…

On the subject of new hardware, I’ve added a collection of coffee mugs to my Zazzle store 😉

I’m also running a five dollar off special (coupon code “FIVEOFF”) on new Memberships and renewals until midnight Sunday. Current Members can add a year to their accounts for as little as $7.

Why? I’m saving my pennies for this system (or something very similar that I build myself). Hey, I can dream right?

My new render is in progress (showing 71% complete atm) and I will have it up as soon as it is ready. This one is a bit of a collaboration between my son Ian and myself. I will elaborate a bit more when I post it. Stay tuned!