Posted on September 22, 2010

  • Late update: I thought maybe the clouds were a little too chunky 😉 Here’s a version without the clouds that I rendered first (last week) but didn’t post because I thought the atmosphere needed work (too similar to the spring version). I like the scene as I have it in the original, but I think I will leave off the cloud layer in the final version. Consider this a placeholder!
  • A few items to report this morning. I’ve added a couple of “alternate” versions to the main gallery this morning. I took “Wintermoon” (first posted way back in May) out of the Pickle Jar yesterday and I’ve added “Highland Summer” this morning.

    I created “Highland Spring” with the intention of doing a 4 season series with it from the start. Differentiating the spring and summer renders, however, turned out to be quite a challenge. The color palette for the two are very similar and the high mountains limit different lighting angles (the sun sets behind the far ridges).

    In the end I chose to use clouds and cloud shadows (and some more flowers in the foreground). The clouds turned out a little chunkier in the final render than I would have liked but I am going to roll with it for the time being. I may try a version without them. The autumn and winter scenes should be a bit easier to distinquish.

    I’ve added gallery pages for my Autumn, Halloween, Winter, and Christmas renders. I will probably add a few more in time.

    Lastly, anyone interested in my new calendar can get it at 30% off until tomorrow. Use coupon code “AUTUMNZAZZLE” when checking out to get the discount.