Posted on June 10, 2010

  • My next render is hours away from being finished and I’m hoping it looks good enough to post.

    In the meantime I thought I would share with you all the winners of my recent DB Membership Giveaway. DB Member Walo was kind enough to donate 6 1 year Membership gift certificates (and had the original idea for the giveaway) and I added a Lifetime Membership as a cherry on top.

    There were nearly 200 entries and it was very hard narrowing them down to just 7. The six 1 year winners (with links to their winning posts) are Fiona Williams, Lydia Koh, Damon Seymour, Vincent Sementelli, Anna Bates, and April Hahnfeldt.

    The Lifetime Membership went to Ronald Fisher, a 3rd grade teacher who wrote simply:

    As a 3rd grade teacher I use your art work to help inspire my students during creative writing and during art. They love your pictures. I would love to have greater access to them to use with my students.”

    For a number of reasons I was very moved to read this. I’m not ashamed to say I got a bit misty even.

    Last night DB Member “Firestar” wrote me and said he would donate three 90-day Memberships to be given out as “Honorable Mentions”. They are going to Karin Kramer (lol), Josh Mauthe, and Carla Rothacker.

    A big thanks to Walo and Firestar for donating the gift certificates and welcome new Members. I hope you enjoy my gallery and I look forward to conversing with you about my new artwork!