Posted on April 18, 2010

  • As I mentioned last time, I was working on a spring version of “Canopy Creek” when Vue d’Esprit somehow ate my source file (it would crash whenever I tried to open it). The version I posted on Monday was nice, but I knew it wasn’t completely where I wanted it to be.

    I took your comments and I worked up a new version which is now up for your review.

    I’ve taken all four season renders and put them together here so you can see them all at once (great idea Tad).

    Now to figure out why Vue is so buggy all of a sudden. I suspect that the problem is my 4 year old video card (which lacks Shader 4 compatibility). I was hoping to hold off on buying a new video board until I upgraded my whole system but it looks like I will need to pull the trigger sooner.

    I’m thinking another Quadro but I can’t decide between the 3800 and the 4800. I do know that I don’t want to blow $3500 on the 5800. Decisions, decisions…