Posted on April 7, 2010

  • Quick update to my post from 4/6. Zazzle has reinstated my work and Redbubble has tried to clean up the mess caused by a barrage of DB supporters. They’ve deleted the original blog post which accused me of thievery but I haven’t seen an apology of any kind. Bob has been silent since his initial allegation.

    Had he written a nice apology I would have been happy let the water drift under the bridge. As it is I have asked Redbubble to remove his two Floating Leaf paintings due to their uncanny similarities to my own work. I made the request last evening and Bob has 4 days to make his case to the admins about why it should stay. It is fortunate for Bob that RedBubble has a more sensible takedown policy than Zazzle.

    Lastly, I hope to have the multiscreen version of “At World’s Edge (Spring)” finished shortly and maybe this other render if I can ever get myself happy with it. Stay tuned and thanks for all the support!!

    Late Update:Mr. Hall has apologized and I have accepted. As far as I am concerned the case is closed and I am happy to see the end of it. Thanks again for the incredible support. Jessie and I were completely blown away!