Posted on February 21, 2010

  • I received an email this morning from a Member telling me that my download menu (the dropdown list) made it impossible for him to download my images. His ISP (Vodafone) was intercepting the requested graphics and recompressing them before displaying. Very similar to what AOL used to do with their “browser” back in the day.

    I’ve received a number of comments about the new dropdown list actually. Most people are of the opinion that it was simpler when every resolution had a link (allowing for right-click downloading). For my part, I like how the dropdown list doesn’t take up a lot of space on the page but I can see that it is a lot easier to right-click and download the sizes you want rather than loading them all in the browser window.

    After reading the email this morning I realized that a compromise had to be made. I’ve brought back the text links on the image preview pages (like this one), and I’ll keep the dropdown list for the thumbnail gallery pages (like this page). I hope this works better for everyone.

    Still working on a multiscreen “Blossom” and my newly adjusted scenery render is chugging away on my alternate box. Stay tuned.