Posted on February 13, 2010

  • I’ve added dual and triple-screen downloads for Members running 1680 x 1050 monitors today. There are over 140 dualscreens and 45 triple-screens available. I’ve also added files to fit three 1920 x 1200 monitors. Zip files are available so you can download them all quickly.

    I’ve been doing all of this Photoshop work while my new render chugs away in the background. No ETA on the new render, but just wanted you to know that it’s in the pipeline.

    Lastly, people seem to have been having fun refreshing my front page to see the random images. Awesome! To make it easier I’ve added a link to the side that will send you randomly into my gallery. Click it again when you are ready to load a new random pic. Enjoy!